CellBased Assays Market-Looking Forward to 2012 and Beyond

Posted by Sandy Koshkin on Fri, Jan 06, 2012 @ 01:52 PM

ADMEcell – 2012 and Beyond

ADMEcell experienced a successful 2011 with the increase in the sales of  cell-based assays product line. Cell-based assays continue to be in great demand for large and small pharma companies, biotech companies and research institutions.  ADMEcell has recently introduced a ready-to-use cell-based assay for BCRP for drug transporter studies. The BCRP kit fits very well with the ready-to-use ADMEcell Caco-2 and MDCK-MDR-1 kits. The Caco-2 kit has been adapted by numerous biotech companies for their drug development programs. The poster presented  by Celgene at the recent AAPS shows how successfully they have adapted the ADMEcell CacoReady kit to their drug discovery program:Caco-2 Monolayer


The cell-based assay market continues to grow at a rate of 10% per year. Almost all of this market is from assays generated in-house at various companies and institutions. The market to provide ready-to-use cell-based assays is just beginning to take off as companies look for sourcing state of the art and ready-to-use assays to assist them in drug discovery and development programs.

ADMEcell continues to add new in vitro models including cell-based assays to its product portfolio.  A cell-based assay for  blood Brain Barrier holds much promise as a new model to adapt.

ADMEcell’s new research facility has been completed and current development projects are under way to expand ADMEcell’s product line in the preclinical development field. New assays will focus on saving time and increasing accuracy to assist the drug discovery and development process.

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