ADMEcell- New Technology For Transporting Cell Based Assays

Posted by Sandy Koshkin on Thu, Apr 12, 2012 @ 05:08 PM

Ready-to-Use Cell-Based Assays 

The Cell-Based Assay market is projected to continue double digit growth over the next several years. One of the major challenges facing the development and manufacturing of Cell based assay products for drug discovery and development is the difficulty associated with preserving the cells and the integrity of cell junctions during the transportation and storage of the finished kits. There are numerous Cell based assay Kits available such as cell viability and proliferation.  Caco Monolayer

A unique proprietary  shipping medium has been introduced by ADMEcell that allows for selected cell based assay kits to be shipped in a solid state at room temperature.  Once the kits are received, the shipping medium is simply removed by liquefaction at 37oC, and replaced with a fresh medium.  The cells are then ready for use in the assay for experimental compounds soon after.

Cell Based Assays such as Caco-2, MDCK and BCRP benefit from this innovative technology. ADMEcell’s  Ready-To-Use  Cell Based Assay Kits- Ready-to-Use Cell-Based Assays - are shipped at room temperature on a regular basis, providing a unique and convenient tool for accelerating the drug discovery and development process.

As the Cell Based Assay market continues to grow,  availability of a shipping medium that allows for shipping Ready-To-Use Cell Based products  at room temperature will have a major impact on the availability of the kits that would not have been readily available otherwise.

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