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Posted by Sandy Koshkin on Tue, Jul 05, 2011 @ 08:56 PM

Welcome to the ADMEcell Blog. As part of our efforts to keep you updated on new developments at ADMEcell, we will be updating this space with product news and special offers from our Executive and Sales teams and new findings, technological news and “Posts from the Bench” from our Lab staff.

ADMEcell, Inc., a life science Company located in the San Francisco Bay Area, was established in October 2008 to develop and market unique and proprietary Ready-to-Use Products that accelerate drug discovery and development processes. The ADMEcell management team combines many years of solid experience in product research, development and marketing in diverse areas of biotechnology, including Molecular Diagnostics, Infectious Diseases, Oncology and Immunodiagnostics.  For more details on the management team’s experience and background, please visit:

ADMEcell’s Ready-to-Use product line includes three major categories:

*CacoReady: and related products: – State of the art cell-based assays, providing ease of use and a cost effective in-vitro technology for evaluation of oral absorption efficiency, compound screening, oral bioavailability, mechanisms of oral/intestinal absorption, oral toxicity and transporter studies – all without in-house cell line development, acquisition or propagation;

*TRANSIL Brain Absorption, Intestinal Absorption and Plasma Protein Binding products: – Fast and high-throughput assays for brain tissue binding, brain disposition and plasma protein binding of compounds (including very sticky and tightly bound compounds);

*FastELYSA Antibody Screening products: – Fast and simple ELISA-based assays for quantification of immunoglobulin G from human and other species, screening of high producing clones, monitoring antibody production, transient transfection and characterization of mouse monoclonal isotypes.

You can always follow us on Twitter @ADMEcell or visit our Facebook page at: for the latest updates on our technology and products. Visit our main website at or send us an e-mail at

The ADMEcell Management Team 

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