Overview of the Cell Based Assays Market

Posted by Sandy Koshkin on Wed, Jul 20, 2011 @ 01:32 PM

Cell Based AssaysThe increasing need to predict ADME/TOX profiles has led to development of new technologies among which cell based assays are one of the most effective  techniques used in almost every phase of drug discovery and development. They are used to study the  molecular interactions in a cellular environment and are crucial in compound selections, lead generations,optimization and screening. Cell based assays provide details such as permeability, metabolism, selectivity, combination and most importantly- a toxicity profile. 

Cell Based Assays based on measuring transporters across membranes Csuch as Caco-2 and MDR1 assays (to mention a few) are among established methods that are utilized for IND submission for new compounds. The FDA has a list of the necessary studies for transporters.

The market for cell based assays is approaching a billion dollars annually, worldwide with at least a 10% yearly growth rate.  Currently, in-house developed assays and CROs are responsible for almost all of the business.

Recently, in vitro assays marketed as Ready-to-Use kits have gained popularity and are becoming more important as biotech and Pharma industries are focused on saving costs of in-house cell culture production and assay development as well as result turnaround time.

Cell based assays based on Ready-to-Use products concept are cost effective, convenient and do not require the end user to maintain a costly and tedious cell culture facility.

ADMEcell's Ready-To-Use Cell Based Assay:

 *CacoReady: http://www.admecell.com/cacoready.html?prodid=1 and related products:  http://www.admecell.com/assays_cellbased.html – State of the art cell-based assays, providing ease of use and a cost effective in-vitro technology for evaluation of oral absorption efficiency, compound screening, oral bioavailability, mechanisms of oral/intestinal absorption, oral toxicity and transporter studies – all without in-house cell line development, acquisition or propagation;

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