Overview of ADME-Tox Market Emphasis On In-Vitro Kits

Posted by Sandy Koshkin on Thu, Sep 22, 2011 @ 04:03 PM

Caco Monolayer 

The ADME Tox in vitro human testing market is estimated at over $500 million in 2011 with a healthy growth rate over 15% per year through 2015.  This market is made up of CYP450 inhibition assays, human PK predictive assays, Liver Hepatocytes and Cell-Based Assays such as Caco-2, MDR-1  BCRP and BBB (Blood Brain Barrier), to name a few ( http://www.admecell.com/assays-cellbased/).  The largest share of the market is Hepatocytes testing as they closely resemble the in vivo testing. Currently, Pharma and Biotech companies rely heavily on making these assays in house. With Ready To Use Assay Kits for common applications such as Caco-2, MDR-1, BCRP and BBB, the  Pharma and Biotech companies could save enormous amounts of time and resources in their drug discovery and development processes.

The future of Ready-to-Use In Vitro Assay Kits is bright.  Additional assay development in the drug transporters field will lead to more available Ready to Use Kits.



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