TRANSIL XL Brain Absorption Kit

  A fast high throughput Brain Absorption assay for estimation of drugs binding to brain tissue and prediction of drugs disposition into the brain. The assay is based on membrane affinity of compounds to the brain tissue and provides estimation of unbound fraction of the drugs in brain, brain-to-plasma distribution and passive diffusion across the blood-brain barrier.


  • Ready-to-use 96-well microtiter plates carrying TRANSIL beads with a single lipid bilayer reconstituted from porcine brain lipids, designed to conveniently measure brain tissue binding and predict blood-brain barrier penetration.
  • TRANSIL beads integrated into 96-well microtiter plates enable easy handling.
  • One plate can be used for measuring brain tissue binding and brain disposition of up to 12 compounds.
  • Only 12 minutes assay incubation time.
  • Kit includes spreadsheet, facilitating manipulation of statistical parameters and calculation of final results.
  • Highly reproducible results, and robust correlation with conventional dialysis technique.
  • Designed for automated liquid handlers and/or manual pipetting.

Product Information

Product NumberProduct NameFormat
TMP-0110-2096 TRANSILXL Brain Absorption Kit (12 compounds/kit) 96 Well Plate

TRANSIL® is a trademark of Sovicell.

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