TRANSIL XL High Sensitivity Protein Binding & Membrane Affinity Kit

The High Sensitivity Binding Kit (HSB) is a novel plasma protein binding assay for sticky and tightly bound compounds. The assay accurately predicts the free fraction of the drugs in plasma, even if the fraction is below 1%. It is designed to accurately determine the free fraction of highly lypophilic drugs or any other compounds that tend to tightly bind to dialysis tubing or other surfaces.

The Membrane Affinity kit is a fast high throughput assay for measuring the affinity of drugs to phosphatidycholine membranes in the presence of denatured Human Serum Albumin (HSA)


  • Ready-to-use silanized glass vials pre-filled with buffer and membrane beads, designed to conveniently assess plasma protein binding of compounds through competitive binding to cell membrane on the beads.
  • Accurate detection of very low free fractions (=1%).
  • High recovery even with very sticky compounds.
  • Versatile assay that can be used with plasma from various species (i.e; human, monkey, dog, rat and mouse).
  • User friendly and easy handling system.
  • Only 30 minutes assay incubation time.
  • Kit includes spreadsheet, facilitating manipulation of statistical parameters and calculation of final results.

Product Information

Product NumberProduct NameFormat
TPB-0400-0043 TRANSILXL High Sensitivity Protein Binding &Membrane Affinity Kit 35 vials

TRANSIL® is a trademark of Sovicell.

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