TRANSIL XL Intestinal Absorption Kit

  A ready-to-use liposome-based kit for rapid in vitro assessment of drugs' ability to cross the intestinal epithelium.


  • TRANSIL beads integrated into 96-well microtiter plates enable easy handling.
  • One plate can be used to measure HSA binding of up to 12 compounds.
  • Only 12 minutes assay incubation time.
  • Kit includes spreadsheet, facilitating manipulation of statistical parameters and calculation of final results.
  • Highly reproducible results, and robust correlation with conventional dialysis technique.
  • Designed for automated liquid handlers and/or manual pipetting.

Product Information

Product NumberProduct NameFormat
TPB-0100-2096 TRANSILXL Intestinal Absorption Kit (12 compounds/kit) 96-well plate

TRANSIL® is a trademark of Sovicell.

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